Certified Payslip Checking

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Any member wishing to apply for a loan must provide a certified payslip stamped by the relevant officer of their organization

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  • Hezekiah Gatigwa

    Why the certifying of payslips? Isn’t it easier to download the payslip at your office? You also have access to our payslips. And knowing how some offices work, it may be an added expense on the applicant.

    • Mwito

      Hello Hezekiah this are measures to reduce and curb members who apply for loans using forged payslips.Thanks for understanding

  • David

    Helow Mwito if a person become a member how long does he/she take to get a loan?What a regurements that make someone to be a member?last how much a member contribute

    • Mwito

      Hello David one has to be a member for 4 months before requesting a loan.The minimum share contribution is 1100 monthly.Kindly contact us through info@mwitosacco.coop for more details.

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