Eligibility for Election as Mwito Delegate

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MWITO SACCO member shall be eligible for election as Mwito delegate Committee (As per the Co-operative Societies Act and Mwito Sacco By-laws) if s/he:

  • Has been a member of the Mwito Sacco Society for at least one year prior to the Delegate Election.
  • Has not been adversely named by the Commissioner or his/her representative in an inquiry report endorsed by an Annual or Special Delegates Meeting for mismanagement or corrupt practices whilst still a Mwito delegate; or named in any other national inquiries where he/ she has been shown to be engaging in dishonest activities.
  • Has not been adversely named by the Authority in an inspection report for mismanagement or corrupt practices while still a member of the board of a Sacco society
  • The Delegate shall be elected for a term of two years. Delegates are due for re-election by members upon expiry of their term.
  • Has not been charged or convicted of any offence involving dishonesty, or is imprisoned for three or more months for a crime involving fraud, perjury or breach of contract of a licensed financial institution.
  • Is not delinquent on loans with the SACCO for more than 90 days within 2 years prior to elections;
  • Shall have attained a minimum of “O” Level Certificate of Education or equivalent;
  • Is not discharged bankrupt;
  • Is over 18 years of age;
  • Is of sound mind;
  • Is Not a Delegate of another existing Sacco society licensed under the Act;
  • Is not an official of or holds a political office at any level
  • Conforms to the minimum qualification standards in accordance to the applicable law.
  • Has not been removed from public office on disciplinary action.
  • A delegate shall represent at least 25 (Twenty Five) members of Mwito Sacco in one location/county.
  • Has attained a minimum share capital of kshs 20,000
  • Has attained a minimum non withdraw able deposit of ksh 400,000 for Nairobi Delegate and ksh 250,000 for other county/upcountry delegates.
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