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Every applicant for membership shall complete an application for membershipform. This form shall be drawn to show all the information required for the purpose of registration of a member.

Who Can Join Mwito Sacco
  • Employees of the Kenya Wildlife Service,Kenya Defense Forces,Kenya Air Force, Kenya Forest Services. Kenya Marine.
  • Employees of Government Ministries and Parastatals.
  • Employees of County Governments
  • Employees of Mwito Sacco Society.
  • Government Institutions Employees.
  • Employees in Private Companies.
  • Self –Employed Individuals.
  • Self-Help Registered Groups.
How to join Mwito

Joining Mwito is easy

Every applicant for membership shall complete an application for membership form. This form shall be drawn to show all the information required for the purpose of registration of a member.


  • 2Passport Photos.
  • Copy of original Id.
  • 500 Membership Fee.
  • Filled Application for membership Form.
What is Fosa

FOSA is a facility that offers services similar to those offered by Commercial Banks.

Who own Fosa

FOSA is owned by members to serve the members.

Revenue generated from FOSA activity is shared by all members through payment of annual dividends.


a.) Members of MWITO Sacco Society

b.) Spouses and Children of members.


To open a savings account you are required to visit MWITO Office or fill application form and attach  these documents: –

a.)A copy of national identity card.

b.)Two coloured passport size photographs.

c.) Initial deposit for opening of account for members/spouse/students is Kshs. 500/=


Members are allowed to open accounts with ZERO minimum deposits as the same will be retained gradually through subsequent payments by the society through FOSAs.

Fosa Services

1. Savings Account.

  • Minimum balance is Kshs. 500/=.
  • Minimum deposit attracting interest is Kshs. 5,000/=.
  • Charges per withdrawal over the counter are graduated from Kshs. 50/- to 200/- depending on amount and Ksh. 30 via the Co-operative Bank ATM.
  • Interest paid on savings is dependent on annual finance performance..

2. Bankers Cheques.
FOSA provides bankers cheques to customers at a cost of Kshs. 100/= per leaf

3. Standing Order.
This service is geared towards helping the customers effect payments to other institutions/persons without coming into physical contact with money. Customers are required to give specific instructions to FOSA to pay institution/persons. This service ensures that the customers time is saved as they do not physically move to institutions/persons to make payments.

4. Third Party Clearance of Cheques.
The customer is assisted to clear cheques in their names paid by institutions and individuals at a reasonable price .

5. Short Term Advance.

  • A Maximum of Ksh 30,000.00; dependent on members ability to pay.
  • Repayment in 4 months.
  • Interest charged is 2% per month.
  • To qualify a customers savings account must have been active for at least Three (3) months.
  • No guarantors for those operating Salary accounts. The terms of this product are reviewed on continuous basis.

6. Encashment of Loan Cheques

Loan payments for account holders are credited to the account free of charge. Members are encouraged to open savings accounts to ease the process of loan encashment from the society.

7. Salary Processing.
This service is offered to members who wish to have their salaries paid through FOSA. The employer channels the salary payment cheques through FOSA and the society in turn credits the money to the customers accounts.
Salary processing is charged Kshs. 50/= per transaction.(compare with other commercial banks

8. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
Account holders are able to transfer funds from any FOSA outlet to the bank accounts of their choice at a cost of Kshs. 200/= per transaction.

9. Funds for Loan Clearance by Cash.
This facility finances members to clear loans by cash and qualify for others immediately.
The maximum amount loanable is dependent on the account holders ability to secure a loan from the society. Interest charged on the facility is 10 % flat rate on the amount advanced.
The security for the loan is the loan being secured which will be paid through FOSA.

10. Spouse and Children Account.
This facility is available to Spouses/Children of members who have accounts at FOSA.

11. Introduction of SACCO LINK VISA ATMs

The facility is available to account holders at a cost of Ksh.300.00
Enables members to access funds 24 hour daily at a cost of Kshs. 30 per transaction. An additional benefit is that it can be used on a point of sale for paying for goods and services such as in supermarkets, settling hospital bills, hotel expenses, fuel etc

12. FOSA Commercial / Personal Loan Product.
This is a proposed facility that is designed to meet the ever-growing need of MWITO Sacco members with accounts in FOSA. It is recoverable through the payroll for a maximum period of 36 months. The interest charged is 2% p.m. To qualify for this loan a member must meet the 1/3rd rule.

  • By transacting with FOSA you build MWITO and yourself
  • Benefits accruing form FOSA services are yours.
  • Members through the electoral process influence decisions affecting the running of FOSA.
  • FOSA services are within reach right where members work.
  • The tariffs levied for products and services are affordable.
  • Opportunity to save in the shorterm.
  • Not charged 2% commission for encashment of cheques.
  • Qualifies for advances within six months of account opening.

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