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Mwito History

Mwito Sacco Society Ltd was registered on in the year 1979 under the Co-operative Societies Act Cap 490 Laws of Kenya as a limited liability society in order to mobilize savings and provide affordable credit facilities. The Sacco draws its membership from employees of  Kenya Wildlife and Tourism and Kenya Marine, Fisheries Research institute, Private companies and individuals.


“To be a world class financial service provider to our customers”


“To empower our customers through the provision of timely,affordable and diversified financial solutions”

What Our Members Are Saying

  • Mwito Sacco Emergency loan helped me to pay hospital bill.I have also bought a commercial plot, built a home for my family and payed school fees for my children through the various Mwito loan products

    Simon Kirui DOD
  • Mwito sacco has helped me construct a house for my family and  buy a commercial plot for development.

    Elias Bwoma
    Elias Bwoma Kws Lamu
  • Thanks a lot to MWITO SACCO have been assisted within a minimal time than I had expected to get a salary advance. May you keep up with the working smart

    Joshua Odhiambo Salary Advance
  • Thank you very much mwito i envy your services long live mwito and am there to stay

    Roy Muga Oloo
  • This is the best ever Sacco in the country... May God bless you Mwito Sacco has we grow together

    Kitony Junior Kipz
  • Digital mwito family no trip nbi for loan

    Boniface Ligolo
  • We admire for the well done job.

    Ephantus Gitau
  • Ur online services is a plus to members. Kip up the good work

    Samson KImanzi
  • I am Faith Njeri thanks Mwito
    Will never forget when I desperately needed a quick loan for my dota to travel to the US
    You processed it in 1 week in June 2015...incredible job

    Thank you keep up!

    Faith Favoured
  • Surely Mwito my saco you helped me buld a house through a loan. Keep it up.

    John Ng'asaki Ole Leshan
  • You guys have really improved ever since you went sure you've got a lot in store, keep it up!!!

    Zani Mwachili
  • Thanks Mwito for this forum and l urge members to use it wisely for our benefit

    Gordon Andiego
  • Hongera Mwito . I feel proud to be associated you.

    Joseph Stamos
  • mwito sacco my life my future

    Benson Epae
  • Kindly allow me to give my heart felt appreciation to the entire management of mwito Sacco for your good in making mwito member's life different through lending of loans.I am personally convinced that my life is now in a greater height due to Mwito Sacco loans that i have been taking.Mr Mugambi and your team ,kindly continue with the same spirit.I know so mant members do prosper due to your loans but they dont't give their appreciation to their lender,as they see it as a right to be given loans. I finally want to challenge all mwito staff and to management that you should not be left behind.As you lend loans to others to prosper,also you should be in the same boat sailing with others to prosperity.May God bless you all and expand your territories. Yours Faithfully Kiplagat Talam

    Kiplagat Talam KWS
  • I must congratulate for the remark improvement on your service delivery,i hope this has touched all areas including the processing of development loans.Am impressed.Keep it up.

    Joan Justin
  • I am Albert Sigei- Mwito Sacco is the best Sacco in Kenya,I have made tremendous strides economically due to flexible loans that I have been granted.My counterparts are yearning to join Mwito as I have informed them about your products.My target is that at the end of 2016 I want to bring at least 100 new members on-board.Thanks Mwito and wish the entire management success at they achieve long term objectives towards the institution.

    Albert Sigei Total Security

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