Dream Homes

Building dream homes for our members

Social Amenities

Estates with ample social amenities

School Facilities

Estates with excellent school facilities

Mwito Housing Cooperative Society Limited Objectives

The objectives for which the Housing Co-operative society is established are:

  • To provide for its members living accommodation and livelihood within the area of its operation at a fair and reasonable price together with such ancillary services as roads, drainage, water and light.
  • To provide facilities for physical and cultural recreation and all such other matters as are usual, customary and desirous for building estates, blocks of flats or single dwellings.


Every applicant for membership shall complete an application for membership form. This form shall be drawn to show all the information required for the purpose of members register.


A person who possesses the following qualifications shall be eligible for membership:-

  • Is within the field of membership consisting of the following common bond Tourism Sector;
  • Has attained the age of 18 years except in case of a minor who is heir to a deceased member.
  • Is of sound mind
  • Pays entrance fee and minimal share capital prescribed in these by-laws.

An applicant shall be admitted to membership on application and payment of entrance fees of Kshs.500 and paid in full for at least one share of Kshs.20 and for minimum shares as shall be fixed by the General meeting from time to time.

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