Mwito Sacco Loan Chart

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Hello Mwito Family
One of our key objectives is to ” ensure progress of our members by educating them continuously on proper use of credit.”
As they try to cap to 14% p.a our interest rates still remain the lowest in the market at 6.5% p.a i.e at 1% p.m reducing balance.
Why? because our mission is clear: to empower our customers through the provision of timely,affordable and diversified financial solutions”. We are your true #FinancialPillar
 Below is a practical example of a development loan of kshs 100,000 at 6.5% p.a i.e at 1% p.m reducing balance with a 12 months repayment period
Mwito sacco loan calculations
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  • Evans Njeru

    I encourage those who rush to the bank every time they need some finances to read carefully the Mwito Loan Chart demonstrated here in. In simple words, it’s self explanatory and quite evident that the Sacco’s interest rate is one of the lowest in the market. As the good book says, ” My people perish (get lost) due to lack of knowledge”. Come on, let’s wake up and patronize our Sacco’s products! How many of us have ever been invited by the Banks to attend their Annual General Meetings and by extension to share dividends generated out of the personal loans that they give? The answer is a resounding NONE! Why? Because you are not a shareholder with the bank and as such, you have no stake there. Simple!

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